Dr. Kingston Retires

After more than thirty years in health care, I am retiring from practice. This is done, of course, with great ambivalence. While I look forward to the next phase of my life, I will genuinely miss the wonderful people with whom I have worked in a variety of capacities.

A & E Behavioral Health Care Associates was founded in 1996 by two master social workers, Aurelia Dothager and Evelyn Webb. They have persevered over years of building and maintaining an exemplary mental health care organization. Few of us realize how much skill, caring, and personal strength it takes to manage a health care facility while maintaining an active clinical practice. They have met the challenge of their dual roles very well indeed.

I have been blessed beyond deserving by highly skilled, compassionate, and personable colleagues. As I have said in many situations, my respect for the professional staff at A & E is so high that I would not hesitate to seek care from them for a family member or for myself. They have my respect and my friendship.

The support staff works quietly and competently, often required to multitask in stressful situations. They are experienced experts at working with a very wide range of problems and with a wide range of organizations and people. I hope they understand how important they are and how much their good work is appreciated.

And, most importantly, I am appreciative of my clients who have taught me so much about human nature, about themselves, and about myself. My prayer goes with them along their life journey, and I wish them health and life contentment.


Dr. Rodney Kingston