About Us

A&E Behavioral HealthCare Associates PC is proud to be recognized within our community as one of the few outstanding comprehensive, privately owned behavioral health care providers in Central Illinois. Our tradition of providing compassionate services, coupled with attention to dignity and discretion, has enabled A&E to achieve this recognition. Our multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, professional counselors and dedicated staff are ready to serve individuals, couples, families and organizations.

Victories in life come through our ability to work around and over the obstacles that cross our path. We grow stronger as we climb our own mountains.

~ Marvin Ashton

A&E was founded in 1996 through the cooperative efforts of Dr. Marvin LeMaster DO, Evelyn Webb MSW LCSW, and Aurelia Dothager MSW LCSW. In 1997, A&E expanded through a merger with The Caring Center, a Christian based counseling center owned by Bob and Ruth Teel MA LCPC. This union allowed A&E to broaden our scope of services.

Within one year, Heartland Mediation was created as a subsidiary of A&E. Heartland Mediation provides individuals with an alternative solution to costly divorce and business litigation. The use of a professional mediator allows all parties to create a lasting, cost effective, customized solution in painful and difficult situations.

A&E continued to evolve, and in 1999 entered a second merger with Behavioral Advocate Group, a privately owned alcohol and substance abuse treatment program operated by Ken Veon, MA LCPC CADC and medically supervised by Dr. Dennis Rademacher. The Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse licensed A&E in 2000 as a level one substance abuse provider, able to provide up to nine hours weekly of outpatient, individual, and group treatment. A&E is listed in the national directory for DUI services and is one of the few local DUI providers to offer the full spectrum of DUI services.

A&E now offers a multi-disciplinary team of thirteen highly skilled professionals working cooperatively to deliver individualized services to our clients.

Life presents us with a multitude of problems. A&E offers a multitude of services to help deal holistically with the emotional pain of life. Services include counseling, education, mediation, substance abuse treatment, DUI services, coaching, groups, meditation and spiritual mentoring, employee assistance professionals and specialists, psychological testing, and critical incident stress management.

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.
~Edmund Hillary (First to climb Mt. Everest)